Brand Consciousness Among The Youth…!

Brand Consciousness Among the Youth….!
images (3)Shopping is loved by every one throughout the world, Now a days social mobility increased people are becoming highly brand conscious. Advertisement and promotion have been the sole for the brand awareness and consciousness among the youth, due to the social media this trend is growing really fast. No doubt, it is true that we as Pakistani’s have been successful in establishing our name in fashion industry on an international level brands like Maria B, Karma , Amir Adnan , Gul Ahmed, downloadJunaid  Jamshed, Sana Safinaz, Al Karam, Asim Jofa, Nomi Ansari, Sania Maskatiya, Kayseria, Umar sayeed,Nishat,Leisure club, Zahra Ahmed,Firdous,Tabssum Mughal ,Shariq textile , Chenone, Ammar Belal,Bunto Kazmi, Lajwanti, Zainab sajid, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Nilofer shahid, Nida Azwer, Farhan and Ambreen ,Deepak Perwani, HSY, Khaadi, Cross Road, Outfitters, Bonanza, Bareeze, Tony and Guy luscious Cosmetics by Ather Shahzad are popular

But unfortunately these brands are influencing the mind of people. Due to the an increase  in the concept of brands people are highly obsessed toward them and it increase the number of abnormal behavior  among the youth and majority of the designers outlets are so expansive, As a result the people who can’t afford a particular brands get in the pursuit to buy that product and when they fail to do so they get frustrated. this frustrated inferiority complex, because people are highly concerned about their physical appearance and looks. people aren’t just following but also they want to compete with each other that they wear the  best and most popular brands from others.

Re search  has shown that in the race of brands. people have forgotten their budgets which is causing many problem in the society, according to the survey people say that to move confidently among the higher circle. we have to buy branded outfits and accessories especially for the formal event or  functions and According to me , people are very much obsessed about brands whereas in the past people  were much concerned about their budget, but now people are spending their money on their clothes. they want new dresses on every event  with accessories .

though its becoming a barometer among the people to judge ones living standard even being a youngster. i love wearing branded outfits but being in love with something doesn’t makes,

Any one conscious of it  Similarly, i doesn’t need branded outfits for every up coming event, as simple as that neither i start floating on air if i get it nor i get frustrated if i won’t have it in a nut shell we should make our personality more fascinating rather than outfits and to make our selves that much charming that we increases the value of the clothes which we are wearing instead of the clothes portrays our worth it is good to carry fashion trends and our cultural side by side wearing the dresses that look stylish yet following the religious requirement as well.

So What do you say is Wearing Branded Outfits really matter ?.

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