downloadThe sixth country of Pakistan is at position after Nigeria due to the standard of educational organizations . According to article A-25 of the  constitution obligates that, education is free and compulsory at all levels.

imagesDoes the constitution follow up in the same direction ? if not then, why ? if a good education is not provided, how will the country’s organization be up graded ? A teacher have no sign of knowledge nor abilities rather than being highly qualified but they have their own honour and self –esteem. In particular  ,  who is culprit  ?  who is victims ?

Eventually There’s no one to observe  the running system of education but who has a share in inadequate the society ? Are schools or parents , who are seeing their children for making there bright future..!

As a corruption is composed in such shape and sizes  where like other organizations, education is becoming a vast problem thought-out Pakistan instead of well-know school on Pakistan. The other schools are opened in every  street in general academies are shape into business organizations. Through which the student are not capable to develop their skills, abilities and their personalities as well . Manager are responsible for overall structure of organization. In short teacher are the main cause of the personality of student . in modern world the situation are being conspicuous around us. In contrary there’s no difference between the two the private and government schools. On one hand , the situation face by the  government students in the same way the private one’s are also facing the critical situation due to change of structure  of organization.

Clearly its fact that  the teachers  consider wages as the apple of their eye and think that it is the easiest task for them. However , it is the most crucial profession, building a student’s life though it is the grassroots by which there’s a lack of interest in education in a students ,

images (1)Now a days there’s a big competition among other schools and universities mainly to gain more and more  admissions of students and further they produce more activities but what actions are they taking for education yet ? If this situation remains same  then our beloved country Pakistan will lose it is position then other countries. For making our country more flourished for it is betterment we will have to do more hard work then at the present to be at it is height..

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