Eating In Or Eating Out

Eating In Or Eating Out

imagesOver the last centuries eating out in ,many countries was very rare only well of people might go to restaurant’s on a special occasion, but some middle class people usually celebrate the occasions at home.

The number of restaurant’s has been increased for the last few decades in many countries.and number of famous restaurant’s in Karachi  Nando’s , Forty4, One Potato Two Potato, Tao, Ginsoy, Village, Cafe Flo, Largest, Kolachi, Subway, Charcoal , Ambala Food, BBQ Night , Cafe Zouk, Pizza Hut , Village Salt and Peper, Burger King , Hardees , Domino Pizza , K F C. nad many many more .and  there are many type of cuisine, Italian Chinese,and Desi food  Fast Food available at a wide rang of price, thus it has become easy for people to eat out with having an occasions.

What I think in this fast running world that people eat out simply because it is convenient for the people  who work for a long time hours and even heading back to home afterimages (2)  work they feel tired and not in mood to prepare a meal. In the more affluent countries. Some section of society particularly  where woman don’t  know how  to cool as they belong to affluent families so these kind of people mostly like to eat out routinely because they   enjoy doing so, even can afford the cost and cannot be bothered  to cook many of the young people eating out as a form of entertainment  and meet up with a group of friends to make a  social occasions of the meal. There is also a category of the woman who are lazy so just because of laziness they eat out ,however it is quite easy to get bored of eating out .even my father who travel a lot in the course of his business a dealer get very tried of restaurant meals.  They want to eat something simple and home made cooked meals.

In my view  it is much more preferable to eat at home on daily basis. Restaurant’s   should be saved as a treat for special occasions a part from anything else  eating at home is much more relaxing experiences than eating out then there is a fact  that it is often a lot cheaper  to prepare nourishing meal at home , now  it make easy to cook any meal just after surfing from the internet  and we can enjoy the meal in more healthier way…………..

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