Turkey country profile

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Republic of Turkey
Capital: Ankara
President: Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Population 74.5 million
Area 779,452 sq km (300,948 sq miles)
Major languages Turkish (official), Kurdish
Major religion Islam
Currency Turkish lira

2016 January – Suicide bomber in Istanbul kills 10 people, at least eight of whom are German tourists, and car bomb in southeastern town of Cinar kills six. Government blames Islamic State for former, Kurdistan Workers Party for the latter. No one claims responsibility for either. Recently 13 march 2016 Ankara blast: Turkish court ‘blocks Twitter and Facebook’ after explosion Facebook and Twitter have been blocked in Turkey after a court in Ankara made the order just hours after a blast ripped through a busy bus stop in the heart of the capital. On Sunday night, hours after a car bombing killed 37 people and injured at least 125, Turkish authorities moved to block users’ access to social media. It has become a familiar pattern for courts to issue gag orders on the media but usually Facebook and Twitter have not been affected. After the car bombing last month which killed 29 and the country’s biggest terror attack in October last year, Turkish media was banned from broadcasting or printing images of the dead or injured from the scene of the explosion.
In the October twin bombings, 103 people were killed during a peace rally against the return of violence between the Turkish state and Kurdish militants. In the days after the bombings, a gag order was issued to media organizations banning them from reporting on the investigation into the terror attack.
Last year, after a prosecutor was held hostage at gunpoint by far-Left terrorists, authorities blocked access to Twitter after images of the prosecutor were widely shared.
Turkey, which has come under a lot of criticism for its attacks on the press, was the country whose courts made the most Twitter content removal requests in the last six months of 2015.
According to Twitter’s transparency report, Turkish authorities made 450 such requests between July and December compared with 408 in the first six months of the year.
Such is the increasing number of requests in the whole of 2014, courts made 393 of them and five of them in the whole of 2013.
Meanwhile, police and government agencies made 1,761 removal requests in the last half of 2015 compared with 310 in the first half.

written by : Misbah lagharee


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